The following are the questions we get asked frequently.

If you still have an unanswered question, drop us an email at info@startweup.sg
Please also read our Rules of the Challenge if you are interested in applying for Start We Up.

How do I apply for Start We Up -
The Innovation Challenge?

You are required to submit an online application on CoVentured. This application will be your official entry into Start We Up. Applications received after the deadline will still be reviewed but might not receive an invitation for this round of Pitch Day. The application form will require details of your company and also a 5-pages of presentation slides with the following format. If you do not adhere to the required format, the evaluation for your submitted application might be affected.

Slide 1 : Challenge statement / problem

What specific problem are you solving?

Slide 2 : Solution summary

What are the key features in your solution, and how does the solution address the previously  described problem?

Slide 3 : Use cases / current applications

Have you developed a similar use case or application for a client / partner or in a similar context?  Tell us about the POC / pilot or implementation.

Slide 4 : Technology stack

What is the technology(s) behind your solution?

Slide 5 : Team profile

Who are the key people in your team, and what are their credentials?

Can I participate if I am based outside Singapore?

Yes, we welcome submissions from startups globally with the interest to collaborate with Naval Group. If your startup is shortlisted to attend Pitch Day at Singapore, representatives from your startup are required to cover their own flight and accommodation expenses.    

How would I know if my startup is shortlisted for Start We Up?

The shortlisted teams will receive news via email on their selection with instructions on the next phase of Start We Up. Some teams might be placed on a waitlist and be informed of their selection latest by 24 May.

After shortlisting, what support will I receive from Naval Group mentors?

Naval Group has a wide range of naval and maritime experts, with skills ranging from naval architecture, systems and platform integration, communications and network architecture and infrastructure, manufacturing, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, and ship building. Based on the submissions from the participants, Naval Group will match the participants with the subject matter experts. Participants will be able to have email access and a scheduled video-conference session prior to Pitch Day, if necessary.