Naval Group, one of the world leaders in shipbuilding, is seeking innovative technologies that will power smart ships in the near future. The vision is to reduce the need for independent manual interventions, through remotely controlled and centralised systems that can do more with fewer operators.

Additionally, we wish to achieve a reliable system architecture that is sustainable when scaled across future smart ships.

New technologies bring both opportunities and threats to ships of the future and require us to re-think the reliability of ships in terms of security and safety.

The inaugural Start We Up - The Innovation Challenge held in Singapore invites regional startups with deep technology expertise that can enhance the system-operator interaction, security and safety on our smart ships.

Selected startups will receive the opportunity to enter a paid Proof-of-Concept
negotiation worth up to SGD 50,000 with Naval Group.

Themes & Challenges

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Why you should join

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 How to Participate

Do you have what it takes? Simply click the link below and fill out the application form.